I did a great interview with Brett McKay from the Art of Manliness this week. I share it with you in this article. Wanted you to really focus on what’s most important when it comes to your self-protection, and the interview I did with Brett really highlights the one key that everybody is forgetting, and that is to properly train the brain. Period.

This comes as no surprise to most of you, but it was interesting talking to the media in the last couple of weeks, as I’m pre-launching my book, When Violence Is The Answer, that every media outlet seems to focus on the physical part of the training, and yet what makes us most effective, and what makes the physical even more effective is when you properly train your mind.

The key skill sets for doing that work are contained in my book. And in this interview that I did with Brett, he does a really good job of asking me about that part of the subject. So please listen. Even if you think you know everything about TFT, I think you’ll be surprised by some of the things that we cover. Brett told me this morning they are getting really good responses to this interview, and he’s a great guy and really understands how to talk about this subject. Here is a link to the interview: Also, I want to give you a heads up; the mainstream media is finally starting to show its true colors. I’m going to be sharing with you later on some feedback that I’m getting from major news outlets and media publications, that are too afraid to cover the subjects that I cover in When Violence is the Answer.

You’re going to be amazed at how they talk about you, the audience, the patronizing assumptions they make about you and people that would be interested in this subject, and the fact that they don’t want good people to possess the vital skills sets needed to protect themselves.

The hubris and the elitism from these institutions are amazing. I know we’ve been seeing a lot of it in the political back and forth that our country’s been going through, but you would think that a subject that is so important and so timely and dominating news coverage, that the media would be open to having an honest discussion about violence.

Sadly, that’s not the case.

So that’s what makes these conversations that I have with you even more important, and I truly appreciate all the pre-sales orders that we’re getting right now because it’s showing my publisher just how serious people take this subject.

But I still need more help. If you haven’t bought the book, please take time and order it now. I’ve created a huge 10 module video program that more than gives you ten times the value for what you put out.

But I really need your help to get this message out. I can’t tell you how important it is right now because this mainstream media resistance is only going to get stronger. Luckily, there are groups like Art of Manliness that will put this out, and other great media outlets. We’re not stuck with just the mainstream media anymore.

But you, the folks that have been with me the longest, you’re my best assets for getting this out. So please, take time, spend a couple of bucks, get this book, buy one for somebody that you love, and tell your friends about this.

We need to spread the word. We need to make this an underground tsunami and show people that it is absolutely time for law-abiding citizens to have the best information when it comes to self-protection.


Tim Larkin

Self-Protection Expert & Founder of Target Focus Training
Author of When Violence Is The Answer

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