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target focus trainingLast night, during our monthly conference call between Master Instructors and Mastery Program members, a question about our Target Focus Training principles came up: “How do I tell someone about what we do in such a way that it doesn’t sound crazy?”

We have no shortage of material that talks (and shows) all about what we do — hundreds of hours of video, several novels’ worth of text (seriously, the Target Focus Training Principles SourceBook alone is more than 60,000 words), not to mention 1000-word Internet posts for our Mastery clients every week over the past three years. There is no shortage of material, and that’s the problem… What we really need is a “shortage” of material, something small and pithy to get the point across.

After talking about it a bit, here’s what we came up with:

We teach people how to use violence as a survival tool.

The person doing the violence is typically the one who survives.

The person getting violence done to him, not so much.

There are elements present in every successful use of violence that are always the same no matter who’s doing the violence to whom or with what tools. When someone is injured in violence, that injury is a direct result of those elements. When those elements are missing, the results are “fuzzy” or haphazard. These base principles of violence get you the results you want, every time.

Target Focus Training principles are the training methodology designed to teach you these base principles so you can own them, as the skill of violence, for yourself. Our training is cooperative rather than competitive — it’s not a “last man standing” contest, but rather an educational training environment in which you can learn to use the tool of violence.

Everyone in that environment, from the oldest Master Instructor to the newest person there, is there to help you get it right. Period.


Tim Larkin

Self-Protection Expert & Founder of Target Focus Training
Author of When Violence Is The Answer

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