Reality-Based Self Defense and Personal Protection Resources
Reality-Based Self Defense and Personal Protection Resources

TFT Survival Pack Online Course

  • I am often asked what is the easiest and least expensive way to acquire fundamental knowledge that can be learned in a few minutes that could ACTUALLY make a difference if you were facing a violent attack. Well, this is it. The Survival Pack DVD set sells for $99 and is an excellent way to get this fundamental knowledge. I created the DIGITAL VERSION so ANYONE could afford to take the first step in learning how to protect yourself, and your family.

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Get ready to learn the most effective ways to protect yourself and your family.


Over 2 hours of training & instruction where you will learn:

  •     How (and why) to use violence as a tool to survive.
  •     How to cause as much damage as a bullet using your bare hands.
  •     Why most “knife defense” techniques will get you killed.
  •     The #1 secret for survival nobody will talk about… and why it’s the ONLY thing that tips the scales in your favor during a violent attack.
  •     The mindset you must adopt to have any chance against armed attackers.
  •     73 weak areas of the body you can exploit to your ultimate advantage.
  •     How changing a strike by a mere two inches can have devastating effect on your attacker.
  •     How to practice so these skills are deeply embedded into your nervous system (Puts your life-saving reactions on auto-pilot. You’ll do what’s needed automatically, even if you haven’t practiced for months or years).
  •     Why most “fancy” moves and “fighting techniques” are completely useless in a real world fight.
  •     How to WIN against bigger, armed attackers when your life is on the line.
  •     And more…


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