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I’m Tim Larkin, creator of Target Focus Training…and I want to thank you for being aware and responsible enough to be reading this letter right now…

If you completed the Free 4-Day training I recently sent you, you already know the backstory of TFT, how and why it came about, and why teaching normal people how to live safer, more confident lives through self-defense IS MY LIFE’S MISSION.

You are reading this because deep inside, you KNOW the world is changing for the worse. You watch the news, you see the headlines. The violence that is affecting everyday people is getting worse and worse.

Every “statistic” you can imagine is increasing. Those graphs you see on the news are always trending up. It’s not even possible to ignore it anymore…

Over the last 20 years, I have created 10+ best selling courses teaching average (meaning non-military / non-law enforcement) folks the fastest and easiest way to cut through all the “red tape”, the time commitment, and the ongoing costs of learning martial arts for self-defense.

In that same time, I have taught, in our Live Training Seminars, over 10,000 students from cities all over the world Target Focus Training…

This system has been endorsed by the military, law enforcement organizations, journalists, and even celebrities because of it’s simplicity, effectiveness, and low time commitment to learn…

Glenn Beck

“Tim Larkin is the only man I trust to bring into my home to teach my wife and daughters to protect themselves… this is the ONLY self-defense system I recommend…. [it] has my highest endorsement”

Tony Robbins

Tim Larkin’s teachings are the most effective, thoroughly tested, and reliable way to ensure your safety, confidence and self-assurance.”

Those are just two from well known “celebrities” if you will, that were willing to tell others what working with Target Focus Training is like. I have hundreds of other “testimonials” that I could never mention due to privacy concerns…

The point here is that TFT works, and it works well. It works for the person with 5 minutes a week to learn it, or 5 minutes a day. You have to put in the effort, but if you do, over a short period of time you will learn the principles of Target Focus Training, and how to use these devastating techniques to “get home alive” if you were ever faced with a violent attack from another human being.

​The Ultimate Way To Learn Target Focus Training

Several months ago, I began thinking of ways to become even more effective at teaching this material to as many people as possible. Over the last 20 years I have encountered every “excuse” or “reason” that someone might not want, or be able to learn TFT.

Not enough time is a popular one. Well, we all have the same amount of time, it’s what we prioritize that matters.

Another is of course financial resources. TFT courses aren’t cheap.

Are they worth it?

Hell yes. I am reminded of this everytime I hear someone tell me that something they learned through TFT allowed them to “become their own first responder” and save their own life.

You can’t put a price on that.

The skills I teach are something I hope you NEVER have to use. But if you must, then you will be glad you have them.  Kind of like life insurance. 

No ones wants to purchase it. It reminds us of our own mortality. But it’s necessary.

Knowing how to defend yourself and your kids, or you wife (or husband), girlfriend/boyfriend, grandma or best friend in the event you encounter some thug intent on hurting you, kidnapping you (or you kids), raping you, or killing you, is PRICELESS.

But I do get it. Shelling out $300 – $500 for a one set of DVD’s…it’s not easy.

I needed a better way to make TFT more accessible…and that’s why I now offer you access to the three most important courses in the TFT Library for one low monthly access fee!

For a limited time, I am opening up access to The Survival Pack, Defeating Weapons, and Foundation through the Virtual Training Center. 

Because you took the time to go through the MasterClass, I know you are serious about your safety, and that of your families.

I want to make it easy for you to access $1682 worth of cutting edge self-protection training without that kind of cost. 

That’s why I have created

The Target Focus Training Virtual Training Center Membership

Access My 3 Best Selling Courses (an $1682 Value) and start your Target Focus Training Program for less than $1 per day!

ONLY $27/month!

This Brand New Program Includes:

Unlimited Online Access to My 6 Most
Popular TFT Courses:

[ Retail Value If DVD Courses Purchased Separately: $1682 ]

When you join today, my Survival Pack, Defeating Weapons Course and Foundation will be instantly UNLOCKED in the TFT Virtual Training Center.

I will also unlock 3 additional courses: Justified Lethal Force, Accelerated Destruction, and my latest course, BluePrints of Destruction!

Hours of instruction will be immediately available to you and you can start training in just a few minutes!

Progress through training at your own pace, and on any device!

I am not going to go into each course’s contents here because I know your time is valuable… but if you click on the image of the course, you can learn more about the subjects covered by each one…Each of the courses address a specific aspect of dealing with violent attackers, the modern environment, and HOW TO DAMAGE THE HUMAN BODY…

I am so excited to open up this special membership to my MasterClass Attendees. I love teaching self-protection and self-reliance to people. Because you are putting your trust in me, I am also going to include a few bonuses, that will make this membership an absolute NO BRAINER…

VTC Member Bonus #1
A $400 Discount On My Live Training Event

[ People pay $1597 to attend this event! ]

TFT Live Training Events Are Coming To A City Near You!

The Live Training Event is the best way to “super-charge your learning of the TFT System, and is designed to compliment our online courses perfectly…The standard price for a Individual Live Training Ticket is $1597. As a member, you won’t pay $1597.

You will get an instant $400 discount off any individual, couple or family ticket when you register as long as your membership is active!

If you attend just one event this year, your membership will have paid for itself!

VTC Member Bonus #2

The TFT Strike Chart Poster (Value: $25)

VTC Member Bonus #3

​TFT Source Book (Value: $49)

Just these 2 bonuses have a value of $74 if you ordered off of the website!

That’s how passionate and motivated I am to help you gain all of the confidence, feelings of security, and belief in yourself that should someone intent on doing you or your family harm, unfortunately, enter your life…they don’t make a victim out of you.

You make them the victim. They get injured (or even killed) trying to take your life, health, or that of a family member.

Please understand, while I would love to, I can’t keep this page up very long. It could be gone tomorrow if the Charter Member allocation…(remember I mentioned those “heated” conversations?) runs out, this page will have to be taken down…

So Act Today By Clicking The Button Below...

And, YES...As Always with TFT, You are 100% covered by my Industry-Leading, NO-BS Guarantee:

For over 15 years I have protected purchasers of TFT Products & Services with a guarantee that no one can match. That guarantee applies to the Platinum Membership as well.

If you don’t think this is an incredible value, that the courses you have access too aren’t worth it, or you decide that living a more confident, safe life isn’t for you, you can cancel your membership at any time. No questions asked. All you have to do is send an email to

If, within the first 30 days you decide this isn’t for you, I will refund your $27. You can even keep the strike chart and source book as a thank you for giving me the chance to teach you how to have a more confident, safer life through Target Focus Training. We will part as friends and I will continue to hope that you NEVER have to use anything I taught you!

You never have anything to lose with Target Focus Training!

Here's what a few students of Target Focus Training have to say...

"As President of the International Society of Close Quarter Combatants, I've seen and tested perhaps hundreds of various martial arts and self defense programs..."

“Tim’s ‘Target Focus Training’ is by far one of the most devastating self protection systems I’ve trained in throughout nearly 30 years of combatives training.

What I particularly found amazing was the ability to almost instantly ‘infuse’ these powerful tactics into the body’s mind-muscle connection.

The result is a natural ‘flow’ to the movements that waste no time in taking out any attacker in mere seconds while instilling bullet-proof confidence that if YOU are the only thing standing between a violent criminal and your family hiding behind you…you’ll know EXACTLY what to do to destroy the threat and walk away safe!”

Jeff Anderson
President, Intl. Society of Close Quarter Combatants

"Intense, effective, highly recommended. An incredible experience."

“Larkin and his instructors are the absolute best in their field. Everyone else is four steps behind. What I liked was the intensity, the lack of unnecessary info, jargon and fluff. A complete focus on the fundamentals, the total concentration on results. With this system:

1) You will learn what Larkin says you will learn, and
2) The course is exactly as advertised — intense, targeted, focused training designed to produce immediate results.”

Mark D. Fabiani, Crisis Mgt Consultant, La Jolla, CA

​"Finally I have learned something that applies to real life situations! "

“The TFT camp exceeded my expectations from the material taught and it’s application in real life to the superior teaching method applied.”

Steven LaMania, Bradenton, FL

​"Surpassed any expectations that I could have imagined"

“At last someone tells the truth! Everything was broken down to the simplest of terms and nothing was kept secret from anyone. Well Done!”

William Allen, Mapleton, ME

​"Being a police officer I thought that my gun was the most lethal weapon..."

“I now know that my brain is the most lethal weapon and I no longer will fear over getting into a situation where I can’t get to my weapon or whether someone attempts to take my weapon. Excellent!”

Aaron Gardiner, Sheriff Deputy, Houston, TX

​"…VERY empowering…"

“I’ve trained martial arts 4-5 times a week for years and done a lot of tournament fighting. What I like about TFT Striking that was so different is the shift in mindset. In martial arts it’s all about points. When you put a punch, you stop and pull back. I became a typical headhunter, always hitting to the face as I’ve been taught as opposed to the groin or neck which could do so much more damage as I learned here. All my years of training taught me never to hit first and once I do hit, to stop and defend myself, not to do damage. Now, coming here, I realize I could kill someone if that’s what I need to defend myself. That’s empowering! I’m small and here I had to fight really big guys. When I applied the techniques of Striking I could easily take these guys down. It gives me a lot of confidence. I don’t feel helpless. If I’m in a group of guys now and somebody tried to grab me I know I’m not going to get hurt because now my thinking is first, ‘How am I going to hurt him?’ It’s a very good feeling, very empowering.”

Kris de Jesus, Accountant Las Vegas, NV

"…the very same information that is given to the experts is given to the ordinary person…"

“This is a beautifully clear presentation of what has to be done to save your life in a desperate situation, given to people who may very well expect to face such situations and need the best training possible. That the very same information that is given to the experts, is given to the ordinary person, is very important.”

Ken Bolland, The Ohio State University, Columbus, Ohio

"…the ONE I could not stop watching!"

“I have every DVD series you put out but this was the ONE I could not stop watching. So inspiring that I want to sign up for a live session. The material was intense and well constructed. Great job!”

Rudy Martinez, Anaheim, CA

​"…TFT is the best system for everyone…"

“With 36 years in Martial Arts and being the training officer on non-lethal force I have found that TFT is the best system for everyone. Most systems need you to in top physical shape to make their system work. TFT will work for young and old men alike but best of all it can work for small women too. It brings officer safety to a new and higher level.”

Stuart Howard, Millington, TN

The time to act is now - this is a severely limited time offer!

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