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Reality-Based Self Defense and Personal Protection Resources


The three problems inherent in all multiple attackers self defense situations are seemingly insurmountable. There’s only one of you and a bunch of them. If you go after one guy, the rest just dog-pile you; and you’re stuck in the middle having to pay attention to the 360 degrees around you while they only have to look and go in a single direction: a beeline after you.

These three problems — outnumbered, vulnerable and surrounded — can be solved with the proper attitude, injury and most importantly, movement.

Just like the motivational workplace poster-kitten says, “Attitude is everything.” Though it’s cliché, it holds true for multiple attackers self defense too. If you think in terms of being the one with the problem, then that’s you, stuck with solving multiple problems.


If, instead, you think in terms of BEING the problem and revel in making it as bad as possible for them, you’ll be giving the still-conscious ones second thoughts. And that buys you the extra moment you need to bust something important inside another one of them.

As a wise man once said: “I’m not stuck in here with all of you — you’re all stuck in here with me!”

Go on the hunt, go on the attack, and make them worry about making it out in one piece.

More details on how to make them worry and, of course, the inevitable end of Will’s story in our next installment.

Tim Larkin

Tim Larkin is the creator of Target Focus Training, the #1 Self-Protection training system.

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