Reality-Based Self Defense and Personal Protection Resources
Reality-Based Self Defense and Personal Protection Resources




Why use a handgun, or a baseball bat as a tool? Your chances of being accidentally effective increase with the use of a self defense tool. The tool doesn't increase your skill or your accuracy; it only magnifies the trauma when you do manage to line things up just right. With this perspective, the knife, [...]

A Couch Potato’s Guide To Self Defense and Other Stories

***************************************************************** “For great aims we must dare great things” -Clausewitz ***************************************************************** Hey Guys, Been getting quite a few questions about dealing with edged tools like knives: *** Hello Tim, As a guy who wanted to aim for being a well rounded fighter I try to train and possess skills like in the fire arm, knife [...]

There’s only one way to train

There’s only one way to train — HARD. If you think going slow means easy, soft, light and painless, you’re dead wrong. Slow means correct — spot-on targeting, constantly driving your body weight through his structure to buckle it, full follow-through. When it’s done right it’s implacable, methodically cruel, painful, and, yes, even bruising. As [...]

Fighting Through Injury

Semantics can be a funny thing–reference the title, above: On the one hand, it could mean ‘fighting on even though one is injured’ or ‘enduring in the face of adversity.’ On the other hand it could mean ‘using injury as a tool when fighting’ or ‘dirty pool.’ Chances are you read it one way, and [...]